10 great recipes using duck confit

We are always on the lookout for new recipes which include the ingredients we sell and recently we have been trying out some amazing recipes with Duck Confit. Here are 10 of the most interesting we have found.

If you have your own favourite or want to make comments on some of these then email us at marketquarter@googlemail.com.

Please note that these recipes are from all over the world and some use metric and others imperial units. If the exact quantities (or some of the ingredients) seem a bit strange then use them as a guide to making up your own recipes using a similar mix of flavours.

Duck Confit and Pear Salad

Duck Confit with braised Red Cabbage

Poached Eggs with Duck Confit and Rocket

Pumpkin Risotto with Duck Confit and Parmesan

Barley Soup with Duck Confit and root vegetables

Asian Duck Confit Wonton Tacos

Duck Confit Spring Rolls

Sautéed Pumpkin Gnocchi with Duck Confit and Sage Brown Butter

Roasted Beets with Duck Confit and Toasted Hazelnuts

Duck Confit with Poached Eggs